Baby Snatcher

Front Cover-Baby Snatcher (2)Baby Snatcher

                Baby Rachael is snatched from her loving family’s arms, and swept into the deception created by her kidnapper, Maritza Beato.  Rachael has just become the innocent victim of a ruthless woman, who has feigned her own pregnancy and plotted to present a beautiful new baby to her estranged husband.  An officer in the Air Force, he would receive disciplinary action if he deserted his pregnant wife.  Having failed in two previous marriages, Maritza would desperately go to any length to preserve this relationship.

A panicked grandmother, who was caring for the baby, calls Rachel’s mother, Cora Abbott, at work with the devastating news.  Stunned to discover she is suspected of this horrendous deed herself, Cora bravely faces the media storm and the zealous law enforcement investigation.  With stunning grit and spirit, Cora courageously pleads with the nation for the return of her baby.

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