Boogie Boarding Blues



 Have you ever experienced the feeling of riding the top of a wave on a boogie board?  Then comes the heart-stopping rush as the board plunges in front of the wild wave.  You hear the roar behind you as you are pushed mightily in toward shore.  What a ride!

Jumping in the waves, watching out to sea, waiting…..waiting….waiting, for the Big One.  What a thrill when after watching wave after wave go by, knowing none of them will give you The Ride…..and finally you see it coming.  Then you try to catch it just right, and miss it.  What a disappointment.

But, after much patience, you find you are on top of that Big One……actually on top!    And your breath goes out of you as you plunge forward, hanging on for dear life, and catch the ride of your dreams.

Any possibility there is a correlation between boogie boarding and falling in love?

Well, just hang on to your board, and read about Falling in Love on the BigIsland!

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