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Hi, I’m Denis Swenson and I first became fascinated by the idea that we can all trace our lineage back to Adam and Eve, when, in 1986, I paid a visit to my grandmother, Anna Lambert, who had been born in the little town of Turton, South Dakota.

She showed me a book commemorating Turton’s 100th anniversary and I was captivated when I read the story of how my great-grandparents came to settle there. I urged Grandma Anna to tell me more and so she described to me how her family had moved from Quebec to Illinois in the 1850s. I carefully wrote down names and dates for all my great and great-great grandparents… and then carried that scrap of paper around with me for the next twenty years, not quite sure what to do with it!

And then along came the internet and “Ancestry.com”! I discovered more about my French and German ancestors, including some surprises, some Englishmen married to French girls and French girls married to German men.

As far back as I could trace, the Swedish men married Swedish girls. No surprise there, as I already knew my own grandparents had emigrated to America from Sweden in 1903.

What did surprise me was the discovery that my Swedish ancestors had their roots in the Trojans… and that the Trojans themselves were direct descendents of Japheth, the son of Noah!

Of course, I thought, throughout history the races have mingled, through wars, migrations and intermarriage, we are all related…

As the fifth child in a family of ten, with thirteen grandchildren of my own, family was already important to me, but the idea that we are all of one family – Our Family – suddenly became very real to me and I wanted to share this with my grandchildren, and with you, the reader.

And so the “Our Family” series of books was born: a fictionalized account of man’s life on Earth from Adam’s very first steps in the Garden of Eden to contemporary times. I’m writing not just about my own ancestors, but yours too, and they all carry that God-given spark of life that has been passed down from Adam and Eve through the generations to us today.

You and every child that has ever been born into the world and ever will be born, are not wholly “new” lives, but a continuation of that original sacred energy.

As Grandmother Vallonia says in THE GATHERING OF THE CLAN (Book 9 in the “Our Family” series):

“As our children grow, just knowing they are a treasured part of a larger group will give them courage. They will know they are not alone.”

My wife, Deanne, and I moved from Hawaii to the heart of the Colorado Rockies to be closer to our grandchildren and when I’m not busy with my ambitious thirty-three book series, I love to hike in the high elevations.

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