Books written and planned, for the Our Family Series

(Note: the names shown in bold will be the titles of the Thirty-Three books planned  for the “Our Family Series” when they are published.  

 Special Note and Disclaimer: 

These thirty-three volumes, (five currently available and the rest in various stages of research and completion),  of the Our Family Series, are works of fiction set in historical backgrounds.  The intent of the author is to provide a sense of times and places to make our ancestors more real to us.

Scroll One: (Published.)

Cover by Graphicz X Designs

Adam and Eve,  Scroll One, Our First Ancestors

The Book of Genesis describes the birth of the world and how God created Adam and Eve – but the portrayal of life in the Garden of Eden and the events that followed is short on detail…

What if we could hear the story in Adam’s own words? To know what it felt like to become conscious as God breathed his spirit into lifeless clay, to understand the wonder that Adam felt as God taught him about the world and how to talk to him through prayer, and to feel Adam’s joy when God creates warm, wise and witty Eve to be his wife.

But we would also have to share his fear and pain when Eve’s inquisitive mind listens to the serpent and he tempts her to sin…
What if Adam and Eve had shared the story of their early years in the Garden of Eden and their struggle to survive in the wilderness after they were cast out? And what if those stories had been written down, right then and there?

These are The Adam Scrolls – a precious, secret parchment record passed from generation to generation, that survived the Great Flood and escaped the sun-worshipping pagan priests who sought to destroy them. They reveal God’s close relationship with our earliest ancestors and make clear that there is one Living God who loves us all.

Scroll Two, (Published)

Cover by Graphicz X Designs

The Adam Scrolls EB (300dpi 2700x1800)The Adam Scrolls, Scroll Two,                                The Next 1000 Years

Secrets Hidden since the Beginning of Time are Revealed at Last!

This is the second book in The Adam Scrolls – a precious, secret parchment record which lay hidden for centuries by those chosen to be the Keepers of the Scrolls.

The secrets the scrolls contain seem harmless, and they are to those who love God.  However, to the pagan priests, whose evil intent is to rule by bloody terror, those secrets are deadly and must be destroyed, for they reveal God’s close relationship with our earliest ancestors and make clear there is only one Living God.

Jared and Beraka journey to attend Adam’s six hundredth birthday celebration.  As they enjoy the feasting, they also help develop a new writing system, one expressive enough to chronicle the first years of man’s life on Earth.

At Adam’s request, Jared and Beraka agree to record the Word of the Living God in an effort to stem the rising tide of paganism.

But can the sun-worshipping pagans be defeated? Enoch, Jared’s son, preaches the Word far and wide. But when his own life is threatened by pagan priests, he and his betrothed, Edna, have to become warriors in the name of God and slay those who oppose them…

Scroll Three, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Front Cover-Noah-FinalNOAH, Noah lived in a time when evil and violence in the world was getting so horrifyingly terrible God chose to put an end to the way things were going and start over.

Their story tells of the building of the Ark, the voyage, starting over, building the altar and the eventual scattering of the people after theTower of Babel in 2242 BC.

Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, who repopulated the whole earth.

Migration charts show the children of Shem remaining in the vicinity of Babel and also moving south into the Arabian Peninsula and East toward India andChina.

The same charts show the migration of the children of Ham moving west to Canaan, and south to Egypt and Africa while the children of Japheth moved west and north to Turkey, Greece, the areas north of the Black Sea and eventually to the rest of Europe.

Of course it was not quite that simple, sons and daughters of Shem, Ham and Japheth intermarried before the confounding of the languages and the separating of the people.  Instead of claiming just one of the sons of Noah as our ancestor, it is much more likely that all three are common ancestors to all of us.

Scroll Four, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Isles of the Gentiles, Dodanima grandson of Japheth, led one of the tribes who sailed west to what is now know as the Greek Islands after the confounding of languages at the Tower of Babel.

They founded the city of Troy in 2000 BC. His story tells of the adventures encountered as his clan searched for a place where they could settle and build a city.





Scroll Five, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Daughter of Asia Lin Su was a young girl born as her parents, Asia and Aika, were traveling east toward what would become China in 2000 BC. She was a descendent of Shem and belonged to the tribes that moved east.

Lin Su’s story helps us see how the culture of the east became so “opposite” of the culture in the west.






Scroll Six, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Children of the Exodus  Dion was only eight years old on the night of the first Passover in 1300 BC.

His story, from a young slave to a mature warrior, covers the Exodus from Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, the years in the wilderness and the occupation of the Promised Land by the children of Israel.

He was a descendent of Abraham, who was a descendent of Shem.




Scroll Seven, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Mimas, the Trojan, descendent of Dodanim, was the warrior sent by Aeneas to hide the golden treasure of King Priam during that dreadful night when the treacherous Greeks sacked and burned Troy in the year 1290 BC.

With great cunning and bravery, Mimas made his way outside the walls of the city and buried the treasure for later retrieval.

Mimas fought his way back to the palace where Aeneas was holding off the Greeks.  The Greeks were the commanded by the gods to allow Aeneas and those with him to depart.

After escaping that night Aeneas and the other survivors are guided by Mimas as they sail around the Black Sea seeking refuge.  They are turned away by city after city.

Aeneas and Mimas, who has risen to a position of authority, come into conflict and decide to separate.  Aeneas moves through the Mediterranean Sea and eventually settles in Italy where his descendants, Romulus and Remus found the city of Rome.

Mimas sailed with his people to the mouth of the River Don on the north shore of the Black Sea where they found a safe haven and established a secure base from which they sailed as as pirates and raiders, plundering the cities that would not receive them .

Scroll Eight, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Shemel, the daughter of Deborah, judge of Israel, lived in 1200 BC. The bible does not mention Shemel, but Deborah’s reference to herself as a “Mother in Israel”, indicates she had family.

Shemel’s love for a Reubenite man proves her spirit is as strong as that of her mother.





Scroll Nine, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Bomani was the grandson of the Queen of Sheba, a descendent of both Shem and Ham.  (965 BC).

His father, Menelik, the Queen’s son by King Solomon, (a descendent of Shem), was captured and enslaved by the Egyptians.

Menelik manages to obtain his freedom by seducing Chione, a lovely young Egyptian woman, (a descendant of Ham).

Menelik returns to his kingdom not knowing he had fathered a son. 925 BC

Bomani, seeking his own identity travels extensively through the known world.  His many daring adventures include sea voyages to India and China.

Scroll Ten, (Published)

The Gathering of the Clan, (Available in Kindle format and as a paperback), is the compelling story of two young women and the determination of their Mothers to maintain close family ties with their Father’s Clan.

The Clans of the Thracian people, former Trojans, are in danger of losing their common identity as they are migrating through Central Europe to their destiny, to become first the fierce Vikings, and then, the peace loving Swedes. Set in 75 BC.



Scroll Eleven, Coming Soon (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Lealla and Mira, the sequel to The Gathering of the Clan, tells of the two young women as they rise to positions of authority and their clan’s battles with the Romans as they journey toward their destiny in Scandinavia.

70-50 BC





Scroll Twelve, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Cornelius was born in Egypt to a Roman Senator and the daughter of an Egyptian Prince, (a descendent of Bomani).

In this historical fiction, Cornelius is the centurion who comes to Jesus to ask him to heal his beloved Hebrew servant, Deron, (descendent of Shemel).

Jesus’ testimony of him is, “Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.”

Later when the Lord shows the gospel is to go also to the Gentiles, Cornelius becomes the first Gentile Christian. 10 BC – 60 AD


Scroll Thirteen, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Rolf and Bjorn tells the story of the growing schism between Vikings and Swedes in 300 AD.  Brothers, (descendents of Lealla), they find themselves unable to agree what their destiny should be.







Scroll Fourteen, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Claudius and Jael, Claudius, a descendant of Cornelius, is raised in Germany where he meets the lovely Jewess, Jael, (a descendent of Shemel).

Germany becomes home for Claudius after the fall of Rome in 300 AD, but peace has not yet arrived, in the land or in their relationship.





Scroll Fifteen, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Sitric, a Viking descendent of Rolf who was born and raised in Iceland, travels even farther west to the new world after a battle in which he believes his lovely young wife and infant son perished.

After many adventures and brushes with death, Sitric eventually ends up back in Sweden. 700 AD.





Scroll Sixteen, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change

Delroy and Gotardo. Delroy, a descendent of Mira, and Gotardo, a descendent of Claudius and Jael, both fought in the Franco Germanic wars in the time of Charlemagne, 768-814 AD.

Unfortunately they were on opposite sides!






Scroll Seventeen, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Thorbert, a Viking Norseman, descended from Sitric, helps conquer the northern section of France.

The area becomes known as Normandy, (Land of the Norsemen)  as Thorbert, and the local girl he falls in love with, help establish permanent settlements around 911 AD.





Scroll Eighteen, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Norris and Denise.  Norris was a Norman, (a descendent of Thorbert).

Norris fought under William the Conqueror in England.

Denise, (a descendent of Delroy), was a lovely city girl from Paris who was heavily involved in mysterious intrigue. 1066 AD





Scroll Nineteen, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Deshi was a descendant of the Lin Su.

Deshi’s mother, Fang Hua, was captured by and later married to Damek, a warrior in the army of Genghis Kahn.

While still very young, Deshi joins the Army of Genghis Kahn.

After Genghis Kahn dies, Deshi is sent as a messenger to Batu Kahn who is invading Europe.

Deshi fights in the conquest of Hungary and fathers a son in Germany. 1240 AD


Scroll Twenty, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Amato was a Noble young Frenchman from the province of Auvergne who was descended from Norris and Denise.

Amato lived at the time of Joan of Arc (1412 to May 30, 1431).

Amato left his one True Love behind and fought in Joan’s army as they rode to victory after victory.




Scroll Twenty-one, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Catherine and Jacqueline, two young women who were orphaned in 1665 as the last Black plague swept over Europe.

Catherine, (a descendent of Delroy), and Jacqueline, (a descendant) of Amato) are two of the 774 filles du roi, (daughters of the King) who left France to become brides of the French Settlers in Quebec and Montreal.

This tale of their bravery, endurance and eventual success in New France is truly inspiring.



Scroll Twenty-two, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Peder and Karin, Peder, a descendent of Bjorn and Karin, a descendent of Sitric, were both born in 1650 in Sweden, a time of peace and security.

They married young and raised crops and sons.






Scroll Twenty-three, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Jacques Galarneau was a desperate young Frenchman who concocted an elaborate plan to win himself a bride on the ship arriving in Quebec from France in 1665.

Jacques works his farm for a living, but is a Courier de Bois for profit.





Scroll Twenty-four, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Antoine Beaudry was a professional soldier and a former King’s Musketeer who battles Pirates in the Caribbean  before being sent to defend the city of Montreal.  Planning to return to France, he unexpectedly finds love in Montreal.

Later he finds himself in mortal danger as he explores the Great Lakes with LaSalle in 1678 AD.





Scroll Twenty-five, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Suzanne was the daughter of Gillette Bonn, a fierce French woman from Normandy, descended from Norris and Denise.

Gillette and her husband were hung for murder at Trois-Rivieres in 1672.

Suzanne is very young and she has to work hard to put the ugly past behind her.  As she matures into a lovely young lady  she meets a man determined to help her create a new life.

Together they struggle to raise their high spirited daughter,  Marie, who has a mind of her own and is determined to marry Aaron Littlefield, the kidnapped Englishman. A Protestant!

Scroll Twenty-six, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Joseph Steben, son of another Englishman who was taken in the same raid as Aaron Littlefield, fought in the French and Indian War and was later involved in the American Revolution as a double, (triple?) agent.

Joseph spied for Washington and the English, playing them both against each other with the hope of winning Independence for the Canadian French. 1750 AD to 1782




Scroll Twenty-seven, (Published)

The Voyageur, (Available in Kindle format and as a paperback), tells the story of Pierre, a young Frenchman descended from Jacques Galarneau.

In 1782, Pierre wins a much coveted position as a voyageur on a thirteen hundred mile canoe trip from Montreal to Grand Portage on the far west shore of Lake Superior.

When Pierre arrives in Grand Portage, he finds his adventures are only beginning.

Pierre’s fiancée, Marguerite, stays behind but is far from idle.  Her intelligence and courage is proven as she sets off on adventures of her own.

Scroll Twenty-eight, (Published)

Cover by Graphicz X Designs

Lee Hart, The Early Years. (Available in Kindle format and as a paperback.

Do you know how the West was really won? Not by gunslingers and outlaws, cattle barons and lone sheriffs. No, the West was won by the Railroad. The real heroes are the men and women who braved hardship and danger – including the distinct possibility of a scalping from hostile Indians – to build the Transcontinental Railroad all the way from Nebraska to California.

One such man was good-hearted Lee Hart, the great-grandson of Pierre, a swashbuckling voyageur from whom Lee inherits not only his love of adventure, but also his love of horses:

When Lee is ten years old his French family emigrate from Quebec to Illinois. Heart-broken at having to leave his beloved pony behind, Lee vows to save up and buy a real horse of his own. His resolve is strengthened when he sees a beautiful and spirited Palomino – that’s the kind of horse he wants!

On the long boat journey across the Great Lakes, Lee makes iced cream (from a recipe handed down from his great-grandmother) and sells this novelty to his fellow passengers. It’s a huge success – especially with fresh-baked juneberry pie! Lee is well on the way to his goal.

Lee eventually buys a colt and they grow up together. It’s not long before both Lee and his steed crave adventure and head West…

Lee’s skill as a marksman makes him a good living hunting the buffalo that are essential to feed the workers building the railroad. Lee confronts hostile Indians with a strength they admire, so that rather than losing his scalp, he gains some valuable trading partners… and Major Dodge and his men feast on delicious buffalo-meat stew and biscuits!

When the railroad is finished, a journey that once took weeks or months can be accomplished in just days. That’s progress. That’s how “the West was Won”!

When Lee is ambushed by Cree Indians and in danger of losing everything, he instead finds the love of his life.

Incorporating events from the lives of the author’s own ancestors, this is the twenty-eighth book in the Our Family Series.

Scroll Twenty-nine, (Published)

Cover by Graphicz X Designs

Lee and Tonaria. A Uniquely Western Relationship Available in Kindle format and as a paperback)

Lee Hart moves through the mountains and the history of the Wild West with his new wife, the beautiful half-native, half white girl who saved his life.

Living in a beautiful secret valley, beside a natural hot spring and a stream rich with gold, they enjoy a free and wild life.

But, they are living under the shadow of violence. 1870 to 1877


Scroll Thirty, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Lee and Rosanna. 

(Lee Hart, Book Three)

Lee Hart returns to Illinois after fifteen years in the Wild West. Coming home to restore his shattered life, Lee meets the lovely Rosanna.

Sixteen years his junior, Rosanna was only five years old the last time Lee saw her.  1880 to 1915




Scroll Thirty-one, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

The two Michael Lamberts.  The elder Michael, a descendent of Deshi emigrates from Germany to New York in1840 where he marries the lovely Elizabeth Kilian, a descendent of Gotardo.

After Michael Junior is born the family moves west toWisconsin.  There the younger Michael meets the lovely Mary. 1840-1896





Scroll Thirty-two, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

Carl and Clara.  Carl and Rudolph are brothers, descended from Sitric, who immigrate to Providence, Rhode Island.

Carl meets and marries Clara, a descendent of Peder and Karin and they move with three children to the snowy plains of North Dakota where Rudolph has established a farm. 1910-1970





Scroll Thirty-three, (Draft of Cover, Subject to Change)

John and Anna.  Anna was the lovely daughter of Lee and Rosanna Hart.

Anna, at the age of eleven, is left with her older brother Frank when Rosanna marries and moves to Alberta, Canada after Lee passes away.

Anna moves to North Dakota to live with her sister Emma and meets the dark and debonair John Lambert, the son of Michael Lambert. 1915-1997


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